A real artists’ STUDIO. A COCOON, a BUBBLE, a HAVEN. The perfect setting for creativity.

The Atelier des Lutins, founded in 2001 in Paris, then in 2011 in Geneva by Sandra Albukrek-Sebban, is a unique, welcoming, peaceful and joyous place. A cocoon sheltered from the hectic pace of life, from the competition and productivity of today’s world.

It is only by moving far away from predefined models, stereotypes and the judgments of others that the fragile imagination dares to show itself, to expand and to shine with all of its brilliance.

Having high-quality fine arts materials within reach awakens everyone’s natural curiosity, allowing people to discover their capacity to create, to express themselves through the fine arts and to work with their imaginations.

"BLOCKX" watercolors, "Arches" paper, "Golden" acrylics, "Sennelier" pastels, and Neocolors. And also fabrics, beads and buttons, wire, wood and autumn leaves, ribbons, wool and lace, pebbles, sand and shells. With their beauty and quality, these materials invite us to enjoy the process of design, creation and realization.

A rich library, the private collection of the artist Sandra Albukrek-Sebban, is available.

Books covering the history of art of various periods, retrospectives of major artists, book about fine arts techniques or unusual ways of tinkering, classic fairy tales and folk tales from around the world, dictionaries of all kinds and a large collection of literature for young readers inspire the participants in their thinking and their work.

image atelier lieuimage atelier lieu
Banner: L'atelier des lutins, a real artist’s studio